Vincent De La Torre's passion for storytelling began at age twelve, creating comedic videos on YouTube which accumulated millions of views and launched a parody fanbase. Inspired by this early online success, he earned his Bachelor's degree in film and video from the University of Denver, CO in 2012 and an MFA in Film/Video from the California Institute of the Arts in 2019.

During his undergrad, Vincent created the documentary 'Trails of Hope and Terror' where he traveled to the U.S. border several times to walk the desert and interview humanitarian groups, social workers, legal professionals, the undocumented, and anti-immigrant protesters. The film sought to answer questions such as; What are the historical and economical reasons for this dilemma? How have politicians used this issue to garner votes? How are some communities responding to this crisis? The completed project went on to receive national and international awards, continues to be used in over 100 academic institutions and non-profit organizations throughout the U.S.
While at CalArts, Vincent's work expanded into the world of CG and Game Development, establishing himself as a creator, developer and successful team leader.  He is also interested in analyzing and deconstructing the social, political, and economic impact of global online gaming culture communities. 
Currently, Vincent is a freelance 3D/VFX/Technical Artist bouncing around various companies that require the best.

Vincent's hobbies include creating online puzzle tournaments, breakfast, jazz, cosplay cosplay.
Responds mostly to they/them. If Vincent fails to respond due to overwhelming ADHD just start talk about breakfast making techniques.
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