Vincent De La Torre began his passion for storytelling at the age of twelve, where he first operated a studio camera at a community cable network. He started creating comedy-style videos on YouTube at the age of fifteen which some have obtained millions of views. His bachelors was at the University of Denver in film and video and then Film/Video at the California Institute of the Arts for his Masters.

During his undergrad, Vincent created the documentary 'Trails of Hope and Terror' where he traveled to the U.S. border multiple times to walk the desert and interview humanitarian groups, social workers, legal professionals, the undocumented, and anti-immigrant protesters. The goal was to answer questions such as; What are the historical and economical reasons for this dilemma? How have politicians used this issue to garner votes? How are some communities responding to this crisis? This work has received multiple international awards and is currently in distribution. 
While at CalArts, Vincent explored CG and Gaming by incorporating these techniques into his live action work, analyzing and deconstruction the social, political, and economical impacts of online culture within gaming communities and its worldly impact.
Currently, Vincent loves exploring new mediums, finding new ways to tell stories.

He is a big fan of cosplay, nerd life, and breakfast.

He goes by Vincent or Vince, pronouns are he/him or they/them.
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